Have you ever wondered why chicken is so good and why is it found and eaten on pretty much every continent? Who was the first to find it?

Did we eat the egg first or the bird? Why is a turkey even called a turkey and why is it only eaten at Christmas and American Thanksgiving? Why is the duck so huge in China and reserved for fine dining in other countries? Does free range taste better? Why don’t we eat swan?

We did. Ok, maybe not the last one.

It’s these questions and questions like them that sparked an idea in our founders. Why isn’t there a place that serves all these glorious table birds, all of the time - not just on holidays - that celebrates and honours the diversity of flavours that adorn them on tables in kitchens across the globe.

Our beliefs are simple. We source our birds responsibly and locally. 

That’s important us. No hormones and no rubbish that’s important too. Respect what you eat and respect those you serve.

There are many ways to cook a table bird but we believe we have found the best. It starts with a secret marinade, then a slow roast, then hand-basted and chargrilled to finish. On our quest to find the best flavours to baste our bird we scoured every place and principality, so you can experience cult classics like Buffalo chicken, and duck with plum sauce to our own unique culture mash-ups like Chilli lime coriandar coconut and our chefs own Chimichurri sauce.

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